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Transitional Rug Collection

Transitional hand-knotted rugs are exquisite pieces of art that blend traditional and contemporary design elements, resulting in timeless and versatile decor pieces. These rugs are crafted using traditional hand-knotting techniques passed down through generations, yet they incorporate modern patterns, colors, and textures. Here are some regions renowned for producing transitional hand-knotted rugs: Persian Rugs: Iran has a rich history of rug making, and Persian rugs are famous worldwide for their intricate designs and high-quality craftsmanship. Transitional Persian rugs often feature traditional motifs like medallions and floral patterns, but with a modern twist in colors and layouts. Turkish Rugs: Turkey is another significant hub for rug production, known for its unique weaving techniques and geometric designs. Transitional Turkish rugs may combine traditional motifs like geometric shapes or stylized symbols with contemporary color palettes and minimalist patterns. Indo-Persian Rugs: Indo-Persian rugs are crafted in India using Persian designs and techniques. They often feature a blend of Persian motifs and Indian color schemes, resulting in transitional rugs that are rich in both cultural influences. Afghan Rugs: Afghanistan has a long tradition of rug making, with tribal designs and bold colors being characteristic of Afghan rugs. Transitional Afghan rugs may incorporate tribal motifs in a more subdued color palette, making them suitable for both traditional and modern interiors. Moroccan Rugs: Moroccan rugs are known for their unique tribal patterns and plush textures. Transitional Moroccan rugs may retain the characteristic geometric designs of traditional Moroccan rugs but with softer color tones and finer materials. Nepalese Rugs: Nepal is renowned for its high-quality wool and skilled artisans. Transitional Nepalese rugs often feature a blend of traditional Tibetan designs with contemporary color combinations and luxurious materials. Pakistani Rugs: Pakistani rugs are known for their complex patterns, rich colors, and fine craftsmanship. Often blending traditional motifs with contemporary influences, they offer a unique transitional style appreciated by collectors worldwide.

Transitional Rug